Golden Gate

  • Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Ukraine, Kiev. st. Vladimir, house 40A. 
  • One of the main attractions of the Golden Gate of Kiev. This monument of architecture refers to the XII century and built in 1164, during the reign of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev. At first the townspeople were called the southern gate, which is an integral part of fortifications south-western side of Kiev. To strengthen the greatness and importance of the construction under the leadership of Prince Yaroslav the Wise built a small church in honor of the Orthodox feast of the Annunciation. Since then, the chroniclers and travelers began to call them as the Golden Gate city of Kiev.

    That familiarity with the Golden Gate began traveling around the city. For example, in 1648 at the Golden Gate townspeople met Bohdan Khmelnytsky after the military campaign, and in 1654 - after the reunification of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine and Russia. Estimated specialists, the gate width of 7.5 meters, length - about 25 meters and the height of travel - 12 meters.

    Unfortunately, time is not spared facilities and travelers XVI-XVII centuries marked the dilapidated state of the monument of architecture. At various times on this site were carried out restoration and architectural work. In 1970, over ancient ruins built specifically pavilion, which protect them from degradation and recreated the original appearance of the monument of architecture. Currently, tourists can see the beautiful tower with battlements height of 14 meters, Gate Church, ornaments made of brick, typical of ancient buildings of the period, and more. On the territory of the monument of architecture operates the eponymous museum.
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