Building of the former gymnasium named G.Shelaputina

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Moscow, Holzunova lane, 14
    Main Military Prosecutor's Office
  • Gymnasium named Shelaputina was opened in 1901 on the money Paul G. Shelaputina. He had three adult sons - Gregory, Anatoly and Boris, who are tragically killed. The gymnasium is named Gregory, in memory of his son. The building project architect made Klein AG, which was created in Moscow for more than 60 buildings (eg building CUM and Contemporary Theatre).
    The school was well equipped and employs highly qualified teachers who have used the latest teaching methods.

    Located gymnasium named "Gregory Shelaputina in the building on the Big Trubeckogo alley at number 18, first in Class 4 school was made 175 people.

    Shelaputin Paul G. in the capital on the money opened several schools. In Trubeckogo Lane was even built pedagogical complex, which consists of a pedagogical institute, a secondary school and high school.

    In high school building with tall windows and decorated façade offers spacious classrooms, workshops, dining room, gym and assembly halls. The school was the State-owned institution and at the time gave an excellent classical secondary education. 
    In high school building is currently the Chief Military Prosecutor.
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