Castle of Richard the Lionheart

  • Kyiv, Ukraine
    Andriivskyi uzviz, 15
  • Kyiv, Andrew's descent, 15 
  • Romantic name "Castle of Richard the Lionheart" is neo-Gothic building under a mountain Uzdyhalnitsey Andreevskom, built for the merchant D. Orlov as an apartment house. According to legend, dissatisfied with pay builders specially planned ventilation so that the wind howled in the pipes, which is why there were rumors about ghosts in the house. In Soviet times, there lived bohemians. In 1992 the building was purchased by an American investor for a hotel, but because of problems with local authorities reconstruction suspended.
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Castle of Richard the Lionheart
Andrew's Descent
Музей однієї вулиці
Галерея "Гончари"
Andriivskyi uzviz, 30
Andriivskyi uzviz, 22
Музей-майстерня Івана Кавалерідзе Andriivskyi uzviz, 21
Галерея "Карась галерея" Andriivskyi uzviz, 22
Центр сучасного мистецтва "Совіарт"
Andriivskyi uzviz, 22
Музей Булгакова Andriivskyi uzviz, 13
Галерея "Триптих" Andriivskyi uzviz, 34
Виставка-продаж "Епоха"
Andriivskyi uzviz, 34
Monument Prone Prokopivna and Golokhvastov
Monument to Mikhail Bulgakov
Literary Memorial Museum MA Bulgakov
Київський літературно-меморіальний музей М. Булгакова Andriivskyi uzviz, 13
Стародавній Київ
Галерея "L-Art Classic"
Andriivskyi uzviz, 10а
Виставковий зал "Андріївський узвіз"
Church of St. Andrew Andriivskyi uzviz, 23
Галерея "36"
Andriivskyi uzviz, 36
St. Andrew's Church Andriivskyi uzviz, 23
St. Andrew's Church
Національний музей історії України
Volodymyrska street, 2
Галерея "Дім Картин"
Museum of the History of Ukraine Volodymyrska street, 2

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