Village of Alexandria Bay — sights and interesting facts

Village of Alexandria Bay is located on is on notheast part part of United States (Jefferson County, New York), 153 kilometers on noth from New York. The city has a great attraction - George Boldt Castle. You can to look around too. On south (10 kilometers) is Airport Alexandria Bay. On nothwest (21 kilometers) is Lake Charleston Park.

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Skateboard Park in Gananoque Gananoque
Sculpture Park Confederation Gananoque
Lake Charleston Park Leeds and the Thousand Islands
National Park St. Lawrence Islands Gananoque
Brockville Arts Centre Brockville
Brockville Railway Station Brockville
Brockville Courthouse Brockville
Courthouse Square
Brockville Tunnel Brockville
Brockville Railway Tunnel Brockville
Building Fulford Place Brockville
Brockville Airport Manhard
Watertown International Airport Dexter
Murphys Point Provincial Park Tay Valley
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Interesting facts Village of Alexandria Bay

  • Population : 1,078
  • Elevation : 74

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