Street Soljanka

  • Maslovo, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow, the central part of the city 
  • Salsola - one of the oldest streets in Moscow, which got its name from the salt is near the yard. There are numerous storage rooms where the salt was stored - a strategic public goods.

    Soljanka was the beginning of the road that leads to Ryazan. On the one hand to the street adjoined Yauzskie gates, and therefore to the XVIII century the street was called Yauzskaya.

    Also known Soljanka that it housed the famous mansions of Russian families - Naryshkin, Volkonskie, Buturlin. Or at least brought glory Soljanka that strikes fear in all of Moscow Khitrovka, which bordered the street.

    Solianke are Trinity Church, Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

    Modern landmark halophytes can be called club-restaurant of the same name.
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