Street Kota Fishing

  • Paris, France
  • Cat-Fishing street, Paris, France 
  • Street Kota angler is in the fifth arrondissement of Paris, in the Latin Quarter, right on the banks of the Seine. It is the smallest and legendary street of the city. It is very narrow, only 1.8 meters wide, and rather short, 29 meters in length.

    Street Kota fisherman was formed around the XIII century. It is typical for Paris at the time. Street got its name from the restaurant sign, and she, in turn, due to urban legends. One of which tells the story of a cat, which hungry days catching fish in the Seine, and brought it to his old man host.

    The second legend tells of a black cat who lived on this street and loved to fish in the Seine. Here lived a Catholic priest, who wore black clothes, so as to impose his orders. It is often roamed the students of the Sorbonne who one day decided the cat - it's individual priest who studied alchemy. They caught him and killed him, the priest at the time, too znіk. Students zhyvadzeraў sentenced to be hanged for murder kanonіka. When the sentence was carried out, the priest reappeared on the street as if nothing had happened, and after him came back and a black cat.
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