Sanlitun Bar Street

  • Dongcheng Qu, China
  • SanLiTun, Chao Yang Qu, Beijing, China 
  • +86 010-64155812 
    By 1949 the street was the diplomatic district of Sanlitun in Beijing, but after the founding of the PRC diplomatic missions were moved to another location. On the liberated territory began to open up numerous bars, shops and a variety of nightlife.  

    Who street shops world-famous companies - such as American Apparel, Apple and Adidas. By the way, Adidas store is the largest store of the company in the world. Naturally, such popular brands attract masses of young people, and not only from Beijing. But despite the large number of shops with a worldwide reputation in the local bars oshivayutsya drug traffickers and other criminal elements.
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