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Vyshneve is located on central part of Ukraine (Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion, Kyiv Oblast), 16 kilometers on west from Kyiv. You can to look around . On notheast (7 kilometers) is Відрадний парк, The village Mamaev Sloboda (8 km), Mamaev Sloboda (8 km). On east (8 kilometers) is State Aviation Museum. On noth (8 kilometers) is Магазин "Дорош-Арт".

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The village Mamaev Sloboda Sofiivska Borschahivka
Сквер імені Василя Стуса
Mamaev Sloboda Kyiv
Парк им. Т. Шевченка
State Aviation Museum Kyiv
Магазин "Дорош-Арт"
Kyiv Irpinska Street, 78
Kiev Dolphinarium Novosilky
Музей історії ветеринарії Kyiv Volynska street, 12
Dolphinarium Nemo Kyiv
Краєзнавчий музей Nove
Viewpoint Kyiv Chervonozorianyi Avenue, 4а
Новий Акропіль Kyiv
Expocentre of Ukraine Kyiv
DOT 402 Chaiky
Академія мистецтв
Kyiv Dashavska street, 27
Парк Спутник (Кадетская роща)
Sofiivska Borschahivka
Hillfort Belgorod Bilohorodka
Парк "Нивки" Kyiv
Музей циркового мистецтва Kyiv
Музей циркового мистецтва
Petropavlivska Borschahivka
Пам'ятник Миколі Островському Kyiv
Боярський ліс Nove
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Vyshneve () is a town south of Kiev in Ukraine In 1886 a railway station was built on this site at the time the nearest settlement was the village of Zhuliany (Ukrainian Жуляни) so the railway station was given the name "Zhuliany" after the village In 1912 people started settling around the...  More
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Vyshneve () is a town south of Kiev in Ukraine. In 1886, a railway station was built on this site; at the time, the nearest settlement was the village of Zhuliany (Ukrainian Жуляни), so the railway station was given the name "Zhuliany" after the village. In 1912, people started settling around the station.During the Russian Civil War (1917-1921) the Red and White armies fought here.The population increased during the times of Joseph Stalin's forced collectivization policies (1928 - 1940), when peasants were settled near the station.During World War II, Vyshneve became a battlefield. Soviet and German troops fought there until 8 August 1941. After the war, 365 inhabitants received awards for glory and heroism.Between 1946-1956 the modern town of Vyshneve was built. A school was opened, a town council was formed and new streets were constructed. By 1960 the population had reached 4000.In 1971 the settlement of Vyshneve was officially proclaimed by the Ukrainian Higher Council (parliament) as a town.Vyshneve's population was 34,465 at the time of the 2001 Ukrainian census. The town has 4 schools, 5 kindergartens, a cinema, a clinic, 2 churches, a hospital and other elements of a modern town.The chairman of the city is Illya Dikov.GalleryVyshneve Church.jpgAscension Church in VyshneveВокзал станції Вишневе.jpgRailway stationMonument in Vyshneve.jpgMonument in VyshneveReferences

  • Population : 36,712

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