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Pohreby is located on nothern part of Ukraine (Brovary Raion, Kyiv Oblast), 13 kilometers on noth from Kyiv. You can to look around . On notheast (3 kilometers) is Church of the Resurrection. On west (8 kilometers) is Nudist beach on the island of Obolon. On south (10 kilometers) is Парк "Кіото". On southwest (10 kilometers) is Moscow bridge, Railway bridge (10 km).

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Moscow bridge Kyiv
Railway bridge Kyiv
Museum of recyclables Kyiv
Holy Protection temple complex in Obolon Oseshchina
Kiev HPP Vyshhorod
Урочище "Наталка" Kyiv
Урочище Наталка
Obolon embankment Kyiv
Church of the Nativity in Obolon Kyiv
Парк "Перемоги" Kyiv
The area of ​​Santiago de Chile Kyiv
Краєзнавчий музей Brovary
Museum of local lore Brovary
Aquapark Terminal Peremoha
Парк Перемоги Brovary
Pottery Museum Vyshhorod
Музей гончарства Vyshhorod
Exhibition of Ancient Vishgorod Vyshhorod
Boris and Gleb Church Vyshhorod
Stalin tunnels under the Dnieper Kyiv
Археологічна виставка "Древній Вишгород" Vyshhorod
МПП "Аніс Лтд"
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  • Population : 2,087

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