Church of San Giorgio al Palazzo

  • Milano, Italy
  • Piazza S. Giorgio, Milano, Italy 
  • +39 02 805 7148 
    The Catholic church of San Giorgio al Palazzo was founded in the year 750. It is located in the historic center of Milan. Baroque building decoration of the city.

    The church was built by Archbishop Natalis on the ancient ruins of the Imperial Palace, which was built at another Dyyakletyyane. In the XII century church began to rebuild, and only the final result was obtained in the middle of the XVIII century. The building is modernized in 1623, when he was completely rebuilt in Baroque style by the architect Francesco Maria Rikini.

    The main feature of the church of San Giorgio al Palazzo considered chapel flour panels and murals Bernardino Luini in 1516 in the third chapel. First, the artist had planned to paint the walls of all the free story, "The Passion of the Christ", but did not find Luini common language with the rector of the church. Also in the church an organ, released in the twenties of the XX century by the famous organ Balbiani.
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