Shopping center «The Place»

  • Xinghuo, China
  • China, Beijing, 9 Guanghua Rd, Chaoyang District 
  • +86 10 65871188 
    Shopping center «The Place» is located in Beijing, close to Silk Market, near the metro station «Yonganli». «The Place» - a modern shopping center, which is famous for its luxury and high prices - buy products of famous brands here can afford Only wealthy people.

    The main highlight and the hallmark of the shopping center is a giant LCD-screen mounted above the main entrance. He is the largest LCD TV in the world: its length is 220 meters, width - 27 meters. To territory «The Place» can buy jewelry, souvenirs, items of clothing, and relax in one of the many bars. Also in the shopping center is located in China's largest watch store.
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