Shopping center "Evroma2"

  • EUR, Italy
  • Via Cristoforo Colombo, angolo Viale dell'Oceano Pacifico, Rome, Italy 
  • +39 06 5262161 
    "Evroma2" - one of the largest shopping centers in Italy, a popular place for shopping. "Evroma2" is located in the southern part of Rome, in the EUR district.

    Shopping center "Evroma2" opened in 2008 and immediately became very popular. A huge, modern building center covered with glass dome, contains more than 250 different small shops, boutiques and department stores, and in addition, there are about 40 restaurants, bars and cafes. The range of goods that are sold in "Evroma2" huge - clothes, shoes, electronics, household goods and much more.

    Shopping center "Evroma2" very thoughtful, and shopping here a pleasure. The free car park is always possible to find a free parking place, and most of the shops and marketplaces-hour, which is very important for tourists. In general, "Evroma2" - one of the most convenient and modern shopping centers in Rome. The widest range of products attracts millions of people every year.
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