The Tibetan Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing

  • Dongcheng Qu, China
  • 4 号 Douban Hutong Dongcheng 
    Tibetan traditional medicine center in Beijing is a branch of Tibetan traditional medicine center, which is located near the city of Lhasa - the capital of Tibet. For the treatment here use traditional Chinese methods in conjunction with herbs, collected at a height of 4000 meters and is specially treated.

    The Tibetan Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing takes all comers and has an international certificate for treatment and training of foreign nationals. Now the center has 21 physician. Including - the specialists who deal with the diagnosis and selection of medicines from Tibetan components, doctors of Chinese and Mongolian medicine, іgolkaterapeўt, massage therapists, specialists Qigong and herbal baths.

    In the center believe that any disease is easier to prevent than to treat, so much attention is paid to prevention.
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