Maxim Gorki Theater

  • Unter den Linden, Germany
  • Am Festungsgraben 2 10117, Berlin, Germany 
    Smallest State Theatre of Berlin bears the name of Maxim Gorky. Hall, located in the building of the Berlin Academy of Vocal Choir near Unter den Linden, accommodates only 440 spectators. This is one of the oldest concert halls in Berlin, built on Carl Theodor Ottmera project. In the style of classicism, it can be taken as the first temple.

    The main facade of the theater is quite narrow and framed on either side portals in the form of chapels, above them is separated eaves mirror. After World War II, the facade was heavily damaged and rebuilt according to the original plans. Opening of the theater took place in 1952, when the country was just recovering from experienced unrest.

    The first staging was a Soviet play "For those who are in the sea," Boris Lavrenev, headed by the chief disciple of Stanislavsky made Maxim Valentin.
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