The metro station "Kropotkin"

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Russia, Moscow 
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  • Station "Kropotkin" refers to Sokolniki metro line in Moscow. It is situated between the stations "Park Kultury" and "Lenin Library" in the Khamovniki District Central Administrative District.

    Opening of "Kropotkin", which became a part of the first starting site of the Moscow Metro, happened in 1935. Station name was given to the former eponymous streets and squares Kropotkin Gate (now Prechistenskaya street and area Prechistenskaya collars).

    "Kropotkin" Ground lobby has an arch, which is located at the beginning of Gogol Boulevard. Through the lobby area there is access to Prechistenskie Gates, Gogol Boulevard and Gagarin lane. North exit leads through underground passages on Usіhsvyatskay lane street Valhontsy and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

    The design "Kropotkin" is a three-span column of small (depth 13 meters) laying station, built on a special project. At international exhibitions in Brussels and Paris station project was awarded the Grand Prix, but for architecture and construction was awarded the Stalin Prize.
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