CCTV Headquarters

  • Xinghuo, China
  • International Trade, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 
    The headquarters of CCTV - it is a skyscraper located in Beijing, China. Construction of the building began in 2004, in 2009 the skyscraper was built. The building is the headquarters of China Central Television.
    The building has an unusual shape. It consists of two towers that are on the top of a common platform and interconnected jumper, the length of which is 75 meters. Towers have a slight inclination to each other. Through its original Design skyscraper got a funny nickname "panties." One of the towers has 54 floors, the second a little lower - 44 floors. Thus, the building height is 234 meters at the most of the towers.

    In addition to the headquarters of China Central Television, the building housed offices, exhibition areas, community theater and television cultural center, a hotel and a technical center.
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