Rockefeller Center

  • Midtown New York, United States
  • Within the boundaries of the 6th, 5th Avenue, 48 th, 52 th Street 
  • +1 212-332-6868 
    A huge complex of buildings in Manhattan Midataune. The complex consists of 19 buildings located on the site bounded by 6th Avenue to the west, 5th Avenue on the east, 48th Street - in the south and 52nd Street to the north.

    This is a unique city in the central part of Manhattan, harmonious and complete business center, where people go not only work, but also to rest. Everything is there: Metro Station, skyscrapers, low houses and underground floors, open spaces and green parks, offices and shopping centers, theaters, cinemas, restaurants and cafes.

    The center was built on the initiative and with the money of John D. Rockefeller. It cost him $ 125 million - a huge sum in those days. The first 14 buildings in the complex were built in hard years for the United States: in the period from 1930 to 1939. This is an older part of the complex, made in the style of Art Deco. Other younger buildings that were a part of the complex were built in 1960-70, respectively.
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