Restaurant "Browse"

  • Dongcheng Qu, China
  • Chaoyang district, Pekin 
  • Restaurant "Review" is the shopping district of Beijing - Chaoyang Street Yabaolu. The restaurant is part of the hotel complex "Wan Bang" and open with a three-star hotel. Restaurant is located on the 20th floor and it offers views of Beijing, which is particularly good in the evening and at night.

    In the main menu of the restaurant, which is also in Russian, there is a wide selection of dishes of Chinese and European cuisines. Quality of service and food is very good, and the prices for the restaurant, located in the business and shopping district, are moderate. 

    Interestingly, in the restaurant "Overview" can be ordered even chicken Kiev. Waiters speak in Russian, so that problems with the language of the tourists from the CIS countries does not arise here. Perhaps that's why the restaurant and the hotel are very popular with our sootechestvennikov.Restoran quite comfortable, furnished in a contemporary style and offers a pleasant atmosphere for business lunches as well as to the rest.
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