Restaurant Duck de Chine

  • Xinghuo, China
  • 4 Workers' Stadium North Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing, China 
    Restaurant Duck de Chine - it is quite expensive restaurant Chinese cuisine, specialty which is the Peking duck, which gained popularity with locals and tourists. The restaurant is located near another restaurant - 1949 The Hidden City.

    In the menu you will find a great variety of local dishes: lamb sauce, foie gras, Chinese noodles, tofu and amazing Peking duck, which is supplied in compliance with a special ceremony. In addition, the restaurant a selection of drinks. Although the prices are not small, this place is worth the money spent.

    The interior is designed in traditional Chinese style: wooden furniture, large round tables, which were elegantly shaped dishes, and on the ceiling, you can see the red paper lanterns. In the courtyard of the restaurant there are several major Chinese sculptures, which can be photographed.
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