Portico of Octavia

  • saint angelo, Italy
  • Via del Foro Piscario,
    00186 Roma, Italy
    Portico Aktavіі - this building of ancient Rome, which, unfortunately, did not make it to this day in its original form. Overall graceful architectural structure now looks ruins. However, in this way you can guess ruined all the pristine beauty portico.

    Portico was founded on the orders of August, in the name of his younger sister Aktavіі. The exact date of construction, as well as the building itself has not been saved from the effects of time. Scientists believe that the construction was carried out later in '27 BC. Portico Aktavіі replaced the previously built Portico of Metellus. Surrounded by columns walking the course included the Temple of Jupiter Stator and more young Regina. Theatres Marcellus.

    Portico Aktavіі exposed to the fire element 80 AD. Was later restored, rather Domitian. The second time was rebuilt in 203 AD after another fire CEPT North and Karkallom. In 442 AD Portico Aktavіі was partially destroyed during the earthquake. When restoring the two columns were replaced by an arch, which has reached our days.

    Portico Aktavіі was used as a fish market, since the Middle Ages until the end of the XIX century. This function, which performs construction was reflected in the title of the adjacent church, which is called a literal translation "The Church of the Holy Angel in the fish market. "
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