Square of Heavenly Peace

  • Beijing, China
  • 45 号 Ren Da Hui Tang Xi Lu, Xi Cheng Qu, Beijing, China 
    Square of Heavenly Peace (Tiananmen) - the largest square in the world. Its size is 440 thousand square meters - this is 20 times more than the Red Square. Tiananmen Square - the heart of the Chinese nation, here a long time were the most important celebrations country rallies.

    Everything changed in 1989. Observing the political liberalization of the Soviet Union, the Chinese students dreamed of such in their own country. What started riots fully manifested in Tiananmen Square, where Chinese youth put forward their state requirements. China's government did not want to suffer like this, especially in the Square of Heavenly Peace. It was decided to disperse the demonstrators using military equipment. It turned into fighting, the exact number of victims is unknown else.

    Today in Tiananmen Square calmly, it is open to all comers.
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