Piazza della Minerva

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  • Piazza della Minerva, 00186 Roma, Italy 
  • Piazza della Minerva - urban area, is located the historic center of the Italian capital. The area is located alongside the pantheon. The area was named after the Roman goddess of wisdom temple of Minerva. Her statue is now in the Vatican. The fate of the temple, which, according to tradition, was created at the direction of Gnaeus Pompey, unfortunately not known.

    The square itself Minerva and its perimeter thickly dotted with monuments. Due to this, the place is well-known throughout the world and attracts large numbers of tourists. Turn your eyes to the east, you can see the facade of the church, which was built in Gothic style and is unique to Rome. This temple is called Santa Maria sopra Minerva.

    In 1667, a monument was erected hands Gian Lorenzo Bernini. It depicts an obelisk put on the backs of elephants. From the monument to the west is the Palazzo Fonseca. Starting from 1832 to the present day where you can get a hotel shelter. This hotel stayed Stendhal and Jose de San Martin. The hotel did not forget to mention such famous visitors, on reflection sights on the facade.

    Looking towards the cold part of the world can watch the Palazzo della Minerva - at one time there was a shelter of the Dominican Order. Since then, the building has kept in their rooms a large number of memories of holding weekly meetings courts Holy Inquisition. It was in this house, Galileo renounced his vision of the universe.

    In addition, the area of ​​Minerva is still a large number of very interesting from a historical and architectural point of view of the buildings and exhibits.
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