Beer restaurant "Ol 'Muller'

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Moscow, Malaya Dmitrovka, Building 18A. 
  • +7 495 699-84-34 
    One of the four restaurants in Moscow "Old Mueller" with European cuisine and beer more than 20 varieties. In the restaurant you can dine like a reasonable price, and organize children's party, celebration or corporate event.

    "Old Mueller" is considered the European level restaurant. Interior space has to rest and taste a variety of dishes and be pleased with even the most demanding gourmet. Here you can taste dishes based on ancient German recipes and try not only beer of different brands, but also unusual beer cocktails.

    Quality of service is given special attention, nice polite staff trying to organize the timely submission of meals at any time of the day. Peace and quiet environment suitable for business meetings. For parties in the "olden Mueller "Is a banquet and a children's menu, you can order a cake from the chef.
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