Beijing market Yabaolu

  • Dongcheng Qu, China
  • Chaoyang District of Beijing. Some guidebooks indicated as Russian Town 
    Shopping street, familiar to the inhabitants of the former Soviet Union - made it to the street at the time were in abundance in the CIS markets. Now here focused trade missions factories southern provinces of China, which comes in Russia and beyond clothing and shoes. The main visitors and customers of the market remain Russians, so almost all traders are fluent in Russian, and all the signs and inscriptions are in Cyrillic.

    Street Yabaolu in length - about 400 meters and beyond its western end to the second ring, and east - Ritan Park rests on. North and south of this street there are several high-rise shopping centers (shadow Plaza, Yabao Dasha Dasha Zili, Dunfan) and children Guoxing center. Street has only two lanes, so traffic jams here - a common phenomenon.
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