Ritan Park

  • Dongcheng Qu, China
  • Ritan Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing, China 
    Rytanі Park, located in the "Russian" area of ​​Beijing, is a great place to relax and great entertainment for the Chinese and foreign tourists.

    The park is the Sun Temple, built in 1530 by the emperor of the Ming Dynasty sacrificial sun.

    In 1956, after the renovation and expansion of the territory in 246,613 square meters, the park reopened to the public. Here everyone can find a corner to taste: gardens and areas for entertainment, fishing zone for fishing, music festivals, flower exhibition, a platform for creativity and active recreation.

    The park contains many architectural structures, lakes, flowers, trees, including many of the ancients. For example, a 1100-year-old cypress, which is also called "Nine Dragons": black tree branches are directed upwards, resemble a dragon's head.
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