Park Concha Zaspa

  • Lisnyky, Ukraine
  • Metropolitan Rd., 89D
    Kiev, the city of Kiev, Ukraine
    Concha Zaspa - Parks in Kiev, is attractively located on the right bank of the Dnieper. It offers wonderful views of the Dnipro bays.

    The park is growing coniferous and deciduous trees, shrubs, buckthorn, hazel, blackthorn and barbarysa. Between bushes are beautiful meadows and blue lakes, among which the largest are lake Concha Zaspa, who gave the name of the park. Title Park does not have a specific interpretation, there are many legends that true is difficult to call.

    Concha Zaspa is one of the largest and most popular recreation Kiev, where are motels, restaurants and expensive facilities.

    You can reach the park from the metro station "Vydubychi" bus number 43 or minibuses under the numbers 311, 313 and 314.
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