Cheung Kong Park

  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Government Hill, Hong Kong, China 
  • Park Cheung Kong - a small private garden. It is located in the Central district of Hong Kong Island, among the huge skyscrapers. Next to the park is the Cathedral of St. John and trestle bridge that leads to the central park of Hong Kong and the face of Victoria. He called in honor of the holding company of Li Ka-shing.

    Although the park is privately run by Lee, it is open to the public. Park offers residents and visitors the opportunity to experience nature in the city.

    This small oasis has landscaped gardens, lush trees, walkways and ponds. Beautiful waterfalls enhance shine and beauty of this place. For vacationers in the park have the opportunity to take advantage of fragrant paths and playgrounds. Water park held interactive games.

    The best time to visit the park - the morning. At this time you can sit quietly on a bench and enjoy the scenery and enjoy the singing of birds.
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