Monument Rudolf Virchow

  • Unter den Linden, Germany
  • Luisenstrase 16, Berlin, Germany 
    Monument Rudolf Virchow in Berlin Charite hospital around. There are works by German sculptor Fritz Klimsch who became a senator of the Prussian Academy of Arts. Limestone statue was erected in 1910 in honor of the famous politician, pathologist, archaeologist, public health reformer, founder of the cell theory in biology and medicine Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow.

    Statue set on a massive stone monument decorated with bas-relief profile of Rudolf Virchow. The scientist was born October 13, 1821 in Shifelbayne, Pomerania, and the size - September 5, 1902 in Berlin. For his whole life he has made great strides not only in medicine, but also in archeology, examining royal mummies.
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