Monument to Mikhail Bulgakov

  • Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Andrew's Descent, Kiev, Ukraine 
  • Mikhail Bulgakov monument installed in Kiev Andreevskom in October 2007, and a month has passed solemn opening of the monument, which was attended by the mayor of Kiev and the Russian ambassador to Ukraine. The author of the monument is Nicholas brine - Eminent sculptor Kiev, Bulgakov depicted sitting on a bench, with abandoned each other legs and arms crossed. The monument was made of bronze, at the expense of a generous patron of the arts - the deputy chairman of the Kyiv City Administration Denis Baath. Its construction cost about 70 thousand dollars.

    Location for the monument was chosen by chance, Andrew's descent - a native street Bulgakov, in a local house number 13 on the 1906 family lived Athanasius Bulgakov, who taught at the Kiev Theological Academy. Immediately known writer Mikhail Bulgakov settled and their heroes. Near the monument there is a small well-kept flower bed, the purity of which is followed by the locals. Every year thousands of tourists gather at the monument to Mikhail Bulgakov, to honor the memory of the great master of prose. 
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