Monument "Mobius strip" in Moscow

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    Tape Mebіusa called tapalagіchnaya object that allows to get from one point to any surface without crossing edges. Such an interesting band came up with the German mathematician and astronomer August Ferdinand Mebіusa. In the city of Leipzig Mebіusa taught in University. Once he was surprised by the position of the ordinary handkerchief around his neck maid. Wrong knotted handkerchief and gave rise to this unusual discovery.

    The discovery of such a tape and gave rise to other inventions, it is also mentioned in the works of fiction. It is logical that one day this discovery will be a monument.
    One of the monuments dedicated to the amazing Ribbon Mebіusa is located in Moscow near the cinema "Horizont" close to the subway Frunze. It differs from others in that it somewhat resembles and tape, and even women's curves.
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