Monument to Princess Olga

  • Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Sq. St.Michael, Kiev, Ukraine 
  • Monument to Princess Olga, Apostle Andrew, Cyril and Methodius was established in Kyiv on St. Michael's Square in front of St. Michael's Cathedral. First, the monument was opened in 1911. Concrete sculpture of St. vylyapіў famous sculptor P. Snitkin and two educators and Grand Duchess - Kavaleridze. In Soviet times, the monument destroyed sculptures were smashed and buried.

    In 1996, after excavations carried out in the area, it was possible to find some of the broken pieces Princess. Sculptors Sivko V., N. and B. Bilyk Shishoff restored monument on the photo. At this time the figures were carved out of white marble and is mounted on a pedestal of pink granite. Monumental ensemble dedicated to Princess Olga, was officially opened in Kyiv Day May 25, 1996. Found pieces of an old monument sealed and placed in the park Andreevskom sculptures Kavaleridze. Nowadays, this monument attracts many visitors and residents of the capital. A few dozen meters away are souvenir shops where you can buy a reduced many times a copy of the monument.
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