Monument to Bishop Saint-Denis in Montmartre

  • Paris 18 Buttes-Montmartre, France
  • Square Suzanne Buisson
    7Bis Rue Girardon
    75018 Paris, France
  • Monument to the bishop in September Danny was built in memory of the first bishop of Paris.

    Monument is located in Montmartre, in the square Suzanne Buisson.

    Interestingly, according to one version of Montmartre - Hill of the holy martyr - was so named in honor of the Holy Martyr time Denis (Saint-Denis). According to tradition, Saint Dionysius was punished in Montmartre, 272 year, at a time when Christians were persecuted by pagan authorities. According to legend, after the execution of Danny was beheaded in September, preaching, with his severed head in his hands about six kilometers to the north. Pausing, he drew attention to the place where they should be disposed of his remains. Later this place has grown famous abbey of Saint-Denis.

    Bishop is a monument of St. Dionysius with his own head in his hands. Earlier in place a fountain statue of Saint-Denis, which is believed to Saint-Denis washed head.
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