Monument to Alexander II

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Volkhonka street, 13, Moscow, Russia 
  • Monument to Alexander II located on the street Valhontsy, 13 sculpture stands on a pedestal of granite, which lists all the credit to the Russian Tsar.

    Tsar Alexander II made the abolition of serfdom, had military and judicial reforms, introduced a system of local self-government, completed the Caucasus war, etc.

    Sculpture of Alexander II - the embodiment of courage, patriotism, simplicity and wisdom. What a pity that not all ideas king could incarnate - Alexander at the age of 63 years was killed by a bomb that was planted Grynyavіtskіm.

    Image of the emperor executed perfectly - a look of Alexander II sent to the Orthodox church, the king offered up prayers for their country and for the people, full of faith and hope. Behind the back of the sculpture is a colonnade, which invites enter the abode of the Holy Spirit. On both sides of the monument sit lions which mark the royal power of the spirit, the power and dignity of Emperor Alexander II.
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