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  • Chamber Averkov Kirillov in Moscow, is a rare construction of a residential building in the XVII. Located next to the Chamber of the Moscow River, originally belonged Beklemisheva. After the execution of JH Bersen-Beklemisheva in 1525 are given in the House of royal possession, and later they took possession of Cyril, and it was located in the ensemble of 1656-1657 years.

    Inside the chambers are a variety of complex scenery, all tiers of complicated crown cornice with a curb, on the windows - great frames. On the southern facade and roof of the south-eastern Chamber fragments of murals.

    Chambers in the 1703-1711 period were attributed to Church of St. Nicholas, built a hidden passage. From 1868 to 1923 was located in Chambers Moscow Archaeological Society, from 1941 to the present day - is the Russian Institute for Cultural Research.
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