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  • Bastille, France
  • 120 Rue de Lyon, 75012 Paris, France 
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    In 1989, the architect Carlos Ott erected on the Place de la Bastille largest opera house, which, together with opera titled "Garni" is "the Paris National Opera" - social and business.

    In 1982, the Opera Garnier has ceased to cope with the popularization of classical music in France. Therefore, President Francois Mitterrand ordered the construction of the Opera Bastille. She began to build at the same Bastilskom station, which ceased to serve the city in 1969.

    An interesting fact is that in 1983 opened the contest. Choosing a man, was the original architectural design of the opera hall. In 1984 he won the Uruguayan Canadian roots Carlos Ott. In the same year began the dismantling of the Bastille station, which at that time was already a place for exhibitions.

    Opera opened in a solemn day. In 1989, on July 13 held the 200th anniversary of the Bastille and the opening of the opera. The first performance was the staging of "The Night Before the morning." Full Time Theatre began its work March 17, 1990 g ..

    Constant failures in the automated management, scandals on this soil, have led to the fact that the theater was renovated. Equipment began to work without crashing. Now it is the theater of Paris - paўkruglae gray building in the style of hi-tech. Facade construction decorated with mirrored glass. Large hall has 2,703 visitors, an amphitheater - 450, a studio room - 237, and the hall Gounod for orchestra rehearsals.
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