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  • Bastille, France
  • 6 Place de la Bastille, Paris, France 
  • If there is one for the French festival, a grand and important than the New Year, it's Bastille Day. July 14 all of Paris plays paints, hear music everywhere, sparkling fireworks, walks the streets of joyful people. And, despite the fact that most of the remainder Bastille just a reminder in the form of light outlines on the pavement, the festival this does not become less solemn and everyone crowds of curious tourists come to the area to visit the historic site.

    Bastille Day - the day of liberation, the beginning of the French Revolution. And the fortress itself has long been synonymous with national oppression, tyranny and despotism, because in the past it was not just a strategic asset, and HMP. The history of the fortress covered mysteries and legends that only fueling the interest of tourists.
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