National Botanic Garden im.Grishko

  • Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Timiryazevskaya Street. 1, Kyiv, Ukraine 
  • +38 (044) 285 4025 
  • National Botanic Garden of Nikolai Grishko - research institution that is engaged in the creation and design of parks and botanical gardens, the development of scientific bases and phyto landscaping, as well as other branches of applied and theoretical botany. Botanical Garden is included in the nature reserve fund of Ukraine, it is located on lands of historical and cultural significance. The main objectives of the botanical garden is to create a scientific basis for the conservation of the gene pool plants, various studies and experiments in the field of environmental protection, as well as educational activities on environmental issues and caring for plants.

    National Botanic Garden of Nikolai Grishko was founded in the spring of 1935, now its area is 117.0 hectares. According to the level of scientific research, as well as the extent of the territory and the diversity of plant collections, he is one of the the first places among the largest gardens in Europe. It consists of eight academic divisions. In the collection of the National Botanical Garden has approximately 14,000 samples.
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