Water Museum

    Museum, 1875

  • Kyiv, Ukraine
    Mykhaila Hrushevskoho street,
  • Str. Hrushevskoho 1 in 
  • 10:00-17:00, вых. - Пн, Вт. 
  • +380(44)279-53-33
    The so-called water-Information Centre, or otherwise, water museum, established in 2003 in order to show people the importance and influence of water on a person's life. It is noteworthy that the museum is located in the premises of the old water towers and reservoirs on a hill in the city park, which was formerly King's garden in Kiev. Here you can watch the water cycle, water intake technology, water supply and sanitation. Visitors can visit the purification plant Bortnitsky aeration station, having there through the sewer. Here you can observe the melting of glaciers, the birth of the rain and the eruption of a geyser. Children can play, change the channel of the river, visit the huge bubble, check the power to the water pump and touch live fish.
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