Antique Car Museum at Val Rogozhskoe

  • Maslovo, Russia
  • Rogozhsky shaft 9/2, Moscow 
  • +7 (495)678-0291 
    Antique Car Museum on Rogozhskoy Val - exhibition hall, which presents a variety of cars and motorcycles. The main slope is made in the direction of the Soviet automobile industry.

    The museum Soviet cars of different periods - from the pre-war era to the latest "Muscovites". Generally, "Muscovites" presented in full, including a unique model 400-421, stored in a single copy.

    In the museum are well represented motakalyskі Soviet motorcycles, as well as rare sports car, in particular, the legendary sports Estonia-8. The museum has a hall of trucks, which is very unusual for a similar exhibition halls. This room contains freight Zily, gases, MAZ.

    The museum hosts special tours dedicated to the history of the plant AZLK and cars "Moskvich" general tours that tell about the cars of famous people, as well as on the development of the automotive industry in our country.

    The museum is open daily from 10:00 to 21:00.
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