Museum of the History of Paris (Carnavalet Museum)

  • Marais Quarter, France
  • 23 Rue Sévigné, 75003 Paris, France 
  • +33 144 59 58 58 
    Museum of the History of Paris, the Carnavalet museum - one of the best museums in the French capital. Even the building, which houses the exhibition is a real work of art. Luxury mansion was built in the 40s of the XVI century and are the standard of the French Renaissance. The owners of the mansion was first noble family Bretons, and later his rented famous writer Marquis de Sevigny.

    Visiting the museum will bring many pleasant experiences, because pretty complex topic of French history presented to visitors in a burdensome manner and original style. The exhibition is organized in a way that can be represented as were built palaces and rich interiors. The history of France told on examples from the life of historical characters and costumes. The exhibition includes a large collection of unique artifacts from various periods, found during excavations, and as documents, prints, maps. A separate room is dedicated to the topography of the city.

    The museum's collection is so vast that gives an idea about the architecture, archeology, art, history of Parisian theaters. There is everything from household items and ending with old signs. The museum collection is constantly updated and expanding.
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