Roerich Museum

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Moscow,
    Small Znamenskii per., D. 3/5
  • +7 (499) 271-34-17 
  • Museum by name of Nicholas Roerich is part of the International Center of the Roerich and is housed in an old noble mansion in the center of Moscow.

    The museum was created on the initiative of Svetoslav Roerich, who believed that the organization of this kind must be worn before the public, not the state character. In accordance with the concept of cultural values ​​as a society achieving and was organized by the work of the museum. In particular, in the premises of the museum regularly hosts a variety of lectures, concerts of classical music, international conferences.

    The bulk of the material presented in the museum is the legacy of the Roerich transferred to the Fund Roerich their descendants in 1990. The central exhibit of the museum is devoted to the Living Ethics - philosophy of cosmic reality. Pearl art the museum's collection there are a number of Himalayan Studies authorship NK Roerich. They constitute the basis for traveling exhibitions that take place in Russia and foreign countries.
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