Musee National des Arts Asiatiques - Guimet

  • Champs-Elysees, France
  • 6 place d'Iena, Paris, France | 16th arrondissement 
  • +33 01-56-52-53-00 
    Asian Art Museum, also known as the Guimet Museum, is one of the most interesting museums accustomed. His collection contains several tens of thousands of exhibits of art from different countries of the East, from ancient times to the XIX-XX centuries. Subjects Guimet Museum exhibits consists of several blocks: the art of China, Korea, art, art of the Himalayas, the art of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the art of Southeast Asia, the art of Central Asia, the Indian and Japanese art.   

    Creator Emile Guimet Museum was, an industrialist from Lyon. He was fascinated by the idea of ​​creating a museum that would be devoted to ancient religions and cults of Egypt and Asia. The first collection was donated by the founder - these were the items purchased and Emile Guimet collected during his numerous trips to Europe and Asia. The first exhibition was opened in Lyon in 1879, and ten years later, the collection moved to Paris Guimet. Soon the museum gained independence, and its funds are replenished with new exhibits. 

    Presented at the Museum Guimet, the Chinese collection of over 20,000 items - are ceramic and jade ware of the Neolithic, Bronze household items, jewelry, mirrors, coins and other artifacts of the Shang Dynasty and Zhou. Guimet Museum has an extensive collection of Indian sculptures, some of which dated back to the III millennium BC. e., as well as a collection of Indian paintings and miniatures. Japanese Guimet museum's collection covers the history of Japanese art from the III-II millennium BC. e. before the Meiji era. 
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