Pont Notre-Dame

  • Paris, France
  • Pont Notre-Dame, 75004 Paris, France 
  • Pont Notre-Dame is one of the oldest bridges in Paris and is one of the main attractions of the city. It is known that the first bridge on this site was built by the Romans and burned in 52 BC and was rebuilt. In 885-886 years, when the island was besieged by the Normans, the bridge was destroyed again, and in its place built a small bridge to the mill.

    In 1413 by order of King Charles VI mill was removed, and in its place there was a wooden bridge over the then existing tradition zabudavalі houses and arcades. Then there was also the name of Notre Dame. In 1499 the bridge was destroyed, after a while in its place, a new stone bridge, which almost immediately overgrown with houses and shops.

    Another reconstruction of the bridge was carried out in 1660 - in honor of the wedding of Louis XIV and the Spanish Princess Maria Theresa, and in 1786 he was acquitted of all the buildings. In the middle of the XIX century, based on the old foundation built a new bridge with five arches. At the same time it was decided to replace the three central arches on the metal structure - did it in order to prevent a collision with a barge bridge. Unfortunately, such events happened more than once, for what is popularly called cities "damn."

    In 1919 was held the next restoration of the bridge of Notre Dame, and nowadays it is very popular among skaters and tourists who rush to the famous cathedral, meet cartoonist and sharzhysty.
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