Monument Lyuftbryukkendenkmal

  • Kreuzberg, Germany
  • Platz der Luftbrücke, 10963 Berlin, Germany 
    Lyuftbryukkendenkmal is one of the most unusual sculptures, which can be found in Berlin. It is situated on the area der Lyuftbryukke (Platz der Luftbrücke), in the southern part of the city. Monument is the most famous work of German architect Eduard Ludwig. Similar sculptures can be found in Frankfurt and Celle. He is dedicated to the events of 1948, when the Western part of Germany was cut off from the rest of the world through the blockade of all land transport by the Soviet Union. Then dozens of aircraft from all over Europe daily supplying food and medicine for the people of the region.

    Lyuftbryukkendenkmal first was built in 1951 just before the airport Tempelhof in Berlin. This monolithic building height of 6.5 meters is made of concrete and has a characteristic rastroennyh in the end. It describes the ways in which occurred connection with Germany, which had the name then TriZone - the area of ​​occupation the US, UK and France. For the resemblance of the people monument called "claw hunger." Downstairs there is a plaque inscription which reads "They gave their lives for the freedom of Berlin in the service of an air bridge 1948/1949. "
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