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    The monastery was built in 1667. Val-de-Grace appeared at the insistence of Queen Anne of Austria, wife of Louis XIII. She has not been able to give birth to the heir to the throne. The queen made a vow, in the case of a miracle she built a church in honor of the Virgin Mary. 23 years was born Louis XIV. Avtriyskoe Anna kept her word and in 1645 laid the foundation stone in the suburbs of Paris, the former benedyktynskaga Abbey.

    To the present day well preserved church and former monastery. Many tourists believe that the Val-de-Grâce is very similar to ST. Peter's in Rome. The similarity can be seen in the design of the dome, and the use of Italian tradition in the decoration of the walls. 

    In 1793, during the French Revolution, the building of the monastery was organized by the hospital. Added a modern housing. A little later changed infirmary medical school. To date, this place is considered the most authoritative medical institution. Here, first aid famous people of France.

    The building works Military Medical Museum. Adjacent to the Val-de-Grâce settled institutions of national importance. Therefore, the tour around the historic complex are strictly certain days.
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