International Center of Isadora Duncan

  • Paris 11 Popincourt, France
  • 175 av Ledru-Rollin, Paris, France | 11th 
  • +33 0143 6731 92 
    Isadora Duncan International Center was founded in 1980 as a research center for dance. He is engaged in choreographic research stage work, as well as a platform for experimental projects and offline for the exchange of ideas between artists, public authorities and members of the local community. In its center aims to support young choreographers who need their own stage area for development. In the center there are several dance schools that are now trained more than 400 students, including adults and children.

    The center is located in a building designed and built in 1903 Isadora Duncan's brother Raymond. This historic mansion has a purpose built dance and more than a hundred years is a place of realization Dunkanovskoy concept of "utopian vision of space ".
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