Petit Trianon

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  • Le Petit Trianon, Versailles, France 
    Small Tryanon is a gorgeous castle small size, located in France on the territory of the Palace of Versailles. The building was built in 1762-1768 years by order of Louis XV as a gift for the Marquise de Pompadour. It is made in the mixed the style of Rococo and Classicism. Small Tryanon now considered a monument of Marie Antoinette, who became his owner in 19 years and came to rest on the royal life.

    The palace has an elegant shape of a cube with two floors and five windows on each wall. The task of the architect was to limit crossed guests with a servant, as evidenced by the presence of the special structure of the basement. It servants had to lay the table and send lift them into the dining room, but special equipment was never produced.

    Queen room rather simple, but at the same time elegant. The bedroom is furnished with handmade furniture masters Jean-Henri Risen and Georges Jacob, and ingeniously mirror that using a real pen is lifted from the floor and mounted in front of the windows of the room, continues to amaze tourists.
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