Luzhkov Bridge

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Between the Swamp area with waterfront Kadashёvskoy 
    One of the most romantic places in Moscow - this, of course, Luzhkov bridge. Hundreds of couples come here on their wedding day, that would be very nice and symbolic consolidate their alliance - hanging lock of love on one of the trees on this bridge.

    Acquired its name this bridge, not at all, not the one who was mayor during the time of its construction, but because the Marsh area, the bridge connects the waterfront lovers Kadashevskaya previously bore the name Tsaritsyn meadow.

    Another name - "Kisses" - this bridge was due to the fact that in 2007, especially for honeymooners locks are placed metallic tree. Now there are seven such trees, and then find a space on one of them is very difficult - because each couple wants to be happy and love each other forever.

    Luzhkov Bridge to please anyone with a heart to preserve some romance and reverie.
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