Kudrino area

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Roscii, Moscow, Kudrinskaya area 
  • Kudrynskay area is centrally located and has been here since the end of the XVIII century. Its name comes from the village of Kudrin, who were previously in this place and belonged to Prince VA Brave. After the death of Prince Novinskiy village was transferred to the monastery.  

    At different times, this area several times changed its name. Its former name: Uprising Square in memory of the revolutionary events of the beginning of XX century, the area Ezhena Patse - French poet, who wrote the lyrics of "The Internationale."

    Now the area has become the main gate of the center of Moscow on Red Presnya. There was reconstructed, expanded the territory at the expense of demolition of old buildings. On the square are residential houses, shops, cinemas, child care facilities, telephone exchange, Square. The greatest attention is attracted by "ўdovіn house" - in the past hospice for war orphans and widows, built by the famous architect MF Kazakov.
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