July Column

  • Bastille, France
  • place de la Bastille, Paris, France 
  • July Column in the center of Place de la Bastille in Paris. This is a memorial monument dedicated to the revolution of 1830. The column "three glorious days" when finished absolute reign of King Charles X started constitutional "July Monarchy" King Louis-Philippe. On the ruins of the Bastille prison some time was the guillotine, but it was decided to replace the area with a column in the center. However, in the center was a fountain of the Renaissance, the female figure portrayed alegarychnuyu Nation.

    Later decided to change the fountain. In place of the female figure had come 16 meter war elephants, such as those used in the army in antiquity. However, there was only made a solid pedestal on which now houses the column. Gіpsava-derevyannny layout elephant can be seen in the southern part of the area. Architect Jean-Antoine Alavoine completed the construction of the column in 1840 for the tenth anniversary of the July Revolution. During the opening ceremony in the basement at the foot of the monument was buried ashes 504 victims revolution.

    At the bottom of the column are two round pedestal made of red and white marble. Along the perimeter of the white lion placed 24 muzzle in his mouth which rainwater drains. Placed around the perimeter of the white 24 round medallions depicting the head of Medusa. Above is a bronze pedestal with four Galskіmі cocks at the corners. The column is crowned by a gilded bronze statue of a winged Genius of Liberty, made Agyustam Dumont. In one hand holding a torch genius of civilization, and the other - to break the chains slavery.
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